The 9 Best Hiking Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

If you’re looking for affordable options when it comes to hiking gear, look no further! The recommended essentials you’ll need for hiking are perfect for both day hikes and overnight backpacking trips.

Hiking Equipment: Our Top Picks

When embarking on a hike, a few key pieces of hiking equipment are essential to have to make the experience safe and enjoyable.

You won’t need every piece of equipment for every single hike. What matters most is ensuring you are adequately prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. That said, our top picks for hiking equipment include hiking day bag, backpacking bag, water bottles, sunscreen, hiking poles, clothing, boots, sun hat and camping tents.

With these essentials, you’re sure to have a fantastic hiking experience!

Hiking Day Pack

TETON Sports Oasis 18L

A backpack is essential for carrying all of your gear while hiking. This TETON Sports Oasis Daypack is an excellent option because it has a water bladder and plenty of storage pockets and compartments. It’s big enough for you to store your lunch, snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, first aid items, and other small items you may need for a day hike.

Backpacking Pack - Best for 2-4 Day Treks

If you’re looking for a backpack suited for camping and backpacking, consider this TETON SPORTS Internal Frame. The backpack is well-made and comfortable, with an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s a smaller pack but can hold many hiking gear and supplies. For the price point, it performs well!

Water Bottle

Getting the right water bottle is essential if you want to stay hydrated on a hike. Bring a water bottle for hydration, but get one that is compatible with your outdoor environment. It is recommended to bring at least one liter of water per person for a day hike. If you’re capable of carrying additional water, it’s recommended that you do so!


Sunscreen is essential to protecting your skin, especially if you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors during the summer months. Protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays by using sunscreen every day while hiking!

Alternatively, you can pack a sunscreen stick. This one is SPF 50, so it’s good to use on those areas that are really prone to sunburn–your nose, cheeks, ears, and shoulders.

For those with sensitive skin, check out our Best Sunscreen for All Skin Types

Hiking Poles

If you’re hiking on rugged terrain or snowshoeing on fresh powder, you’ll need trekking poles that can handle all kinds of weather. These hiking poles can withstand rainy, muddy, rocky, and snowy terrains. They are durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Hiking Clothing

Shopping online for clothes can be challenging, but Amazon makes it a bit easier! For affordable hiking clothes for men and women, check out Libin directly on Amazon. They sell everything from shirts, pants, joggers, and shorts. Prices range from $25 to $40

Hiking Boots

Make sure you invest in durable hiking shoes – they need to be waterproof, durable and fit well to ensure your feet are secure while hiking. Hiking boots are necessary for walking long distances or through rough terrain. Make sure to buy boots that fit well and have good ankle support.

This boot is made of waterproof suede and leather to provide protection against the elements and a stylish look. Like the women’s boots, these boots are sold in a variety of colors and are very comfortable.

Sun Hat

This adjustable drawstring hat is designed with an elastic rear strap and a chin strap to keep it in place on windy days. It fits men’s and women’s heads circumference of 22-24 inches. The hat will keep your forehead, cheeks, nose, ears, and neck protected from excessive sun exposure.

Camping Tent

Setting up this tent is simple – just attach the pre-attached poles and buckles. You’ll have a great time camping without feeling stressed about spending lots of time and energy setting it up.

Bottom Line

This simple go-to list of hiking essentials will prepare you for day hikes, camping trips, and everything in between! In addition to the equipment listed here, ensure you pack enough water, snacks, and first-aid supplies in an emergency.