Must See Locations on a Pacific Northwest Road Trip

Fantastic cities, culture, and of course the expansive land ready for your exploration. Check out these must-see locations on your PNW road trip: North Cascades National Park, Seattle, Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and Portland.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its breathtaking landscapes, progressive attitude and the overwhelming sense of freedom. There are so many magical places to stop and see – you’ll certainly want to come back year after year to explore more of the PNW!

Here are a few of our favorite road trip spots in the Pacific Northwest:

1. North Cascades National Park

The North Cascades is located about three hours away from Seattle. Here you can see everything from damp forests in the west, to arid plains in the east. There are many different bodies of water to see, mountains to climb, and over 300 glaciers atop jagged peaks waiting for viewers.

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is home to over 500 parks! If you enjoy grabbing some delicious takeout at a locally owned restaurant and having a picnic in the park, Seattle is the place for you. Don’t miss Pike Place Market!

3. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park sits on more than 70 miles of untamed coastline and nearly one million acres of land! We highly suggest participating in the Night Sky Program where you follow a ranger into the park at night to see incredible views of the stars without any light pollution from the big cities.

4. Mount Rainier National Park

At 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier National Park is home to an active volcano, wildflower meadows, forests and plenty of hiking trails. The glacier on top of Mount Rainier feeds five major rivers in the US!

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for its food, art, culture, music and downright funkiness. This city is home to the world’s largest independent bookstore and the highest concentration of craft breweries!