5 Historical Sites in Arizona You Can’t Miss

Montezuma Castle- Located in Camp Verde, Arizona is a group of well preserved homes that are actually built into the hillside. They were built by the Sinagua people between 1100 and 1425 AD. The main house is 5 stories tall and has approximately 20 rooms.

Montezuma Well- Just 15 minutes away from Montezuma Castle is Montezuma Well. It is an irrigation canal that was discovered around 11,000 CE. It is a gorgeous spot to take your time and walk around!

Tuzigoot National Monument- At the Tuzigoot National Monument there is a Sinagua pueblo and the Tavasci Marsh. You can look down from the top of the ridge to see the rooms of the pueblo. The Sinagua built one of the pueblos around 1100 AD and continued to add on to it until the 1400s. This house fit about 50 people inside

Verde Canyon Railway- Also known as “Arizona’s other Grand Canyon”, Verde Canyon has a railway that takes visitors to many historical places like the ghost ranch, Perkinsville. It takes about 4 hours round trip to travel from Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back. This one of a kind experience has about 100,000 passengers a year so hurry and visit while you can!

Jerome Ghost Town- Even though Jerome is now a ghost town, it used to be Arizona’s fifth largest city. It is however, the largest ghost town in America according to the town website. Jerome had over 15,000 residents at one time since it was a popular mining town. Due to the depression Jerome and the mines closed in 1950. Everything is still in great shape so you can’t miss seeing it with your own eyes!