5 Best Day Hikes in Southern Oregon

1. Table Rock Trail

Lower Table Rock- Lower Table Rock’s walking trail is also fairly easy. It is less steep but a bit longer. It ascends approximately 780 feet to the top over a distance of 1.75 miles for a round trip of 3.5 miles. This trail will take about 3 hours to complete. Just as the upper table rock trail, there is no water along the trail so be sure to bring some with you. They also do not allow dogs, horses, flower picking or fires to best protect the environment.

Upper Table Rock– Upper Table Rock has an easy walking trail that is 2.5 miles long in total, with an elevation gain of approximately 720 feet. It takes about 2 hours to walk the whole trail roundtrip. When the wildflowers are in bloom, March through May is when it’ll be the most crowded. It also gets popular from September through October. You can easily see some famous southern Oregon landmarks such as Mount McLoughlin, Mount Ashland, Roxy Ann Peak, and Pilot Rock from the edge of the rocks. Another great thing is there are public restrooms located at the trailhead. There is no water along the trail however so be sure to bring some with you. They also do not allow dogs, horses, flower picking, or fires to best protect the environment.

2. Takelma Gorge Trail

Takelma Gorge Trail- This enchanted forest trail is an easy hike totaling 3.2 miles and 400 feet gain in elevation. The popular time to go is April through November due to the warm weather and river access for swimming. A little ways down the trail, you’ll come to a sandy beach which is a perfect spot for swimming! This hike is great for kids, dogs, bird watchers, photographers and anyone alike! There are pit toilets at the trailhead which is also a plus. You do however have to watch out for steep ledges, ticks and poison oak.

3. Hobart Bluff

Hobart Bluff Trailhead– This trail takes you on an easy hike along the Pacific Crest Trail where you can see plenty of wildflowers and wildlife. The best time to go and see such wildlife is from mid-spring to the beginning of fall. It comes to 2.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 413 feet. There are easily accessible pit toilets at the trailhead. This hike is great for kids and dogs however you should keep an eye out for poison oak and ticks.

4. Lithia Park

Lithia Park Trails– Lithia Park is a gorgeous 93-acre park that has many hiking trails, all of which are fairly easy. Depending on which trail or trails you take, your adventure could range from 2-5 miles. This park is great year-round but can be a little wet depending on the trail. All the trails are great for kids and dogs on leash. If you’re lucky you and the kids might get to see some deer! Because it’s such a big park with many activities, there are restrooms everywhere. Parking can sometimes be limited to 2-3 hours so be sure to look out for signs.

5. Jacksonville Woodlands

Jacksonville Woodlands Trail– These trails are great for everyone year-round. The average distance is 3.5 miles with approximately a 400-foot elevation gain. There is plenty of wildflowers and wildlife to be seen around every corner. Dogs are allowed on a leash but do watch out for ticks and oak. This trailhead also has a public restroom by the parking area. Make sure to pack a picnic because you’re going to want to stop and enjoy the breathtaking views at the top!